Pre-paid and problem free – Introducing Diesel Advance

Pre-paid fuel cards

Diesel Advance is the UK’s first pre-paid fuel card and it’s available to any business, no matter what size or scale*.

Customers can ‘pay as you go’ through advance online top ups via a credit or debit card (includes card issuer’s 1.75 % transaction fee) or weekly Direct Debit set at a rate to suit individual needs. No additional drawing or usage fees, unlike other similar cards.

As a Diesel Advance customer, you will be instantly notified by email if your account balance drops down to 25 %, 15% and 0% of your estimated weekly volume - making sure your card never runs dry.

Diesel Advance’s pricing is competitive based on the bulk fuel market and offers a fixed weekly price, which will be lower than the national pump price nine times out of ten. Operating on its own “Bunker” network, the card is available at 1,800 sites nationwide including all Morrisons supermarket sites; Offering complete spending control to fleets of any size.

The card is available to anyone with the £50 minimum top-up amount*.

Start enjoying these benefits today with Diesel Advance, the UK’s first pre-paid fuel card.

*Subject to in house criteria

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